September 23, 2013

Meet Me On The Street

If you meet me on the street: I won't look you in the eye. If you try and say hi, I will mumble something and walk away. You see, from a very young age I have detested community or connection of any type. This type of connection within community is harmful and hurtful. I have learned, through various hurts, pains and trials, that you can't trust community.

Yet I always longed for the connection that community brings. This was all very confusing to me.  To crave the very thing that hurt me?

What I now realize, what I was missing was the true deep connection that can be found through a Christ centered community. I now realize that. I get it. Through some very strong prayers and Jehovah leading me to places I didn't even know existed, I am finding a community of beautiful women who love and support each other no matter what. I know, without a doubt, nothing can replace the joy and peace that can come from live conversations with women of like minds, but for now, I have found a great on-line community where I am safe to voice my opinions and open up my heart without fear of being personally ridiculed and judged. And eventually I may be able to, lift up my face and meet you eye to eye.

Please follow these women by clicking the picture below to read the link-up and how we all have been shaped and molded by our experiences with community, whether good or bad.

Jo Ann Fore

Have a blessed day!