September 12, 2013

First Stop - Find My Voice

As I start on my new journey, my first stop is to find my voice.  The lovely Jo Ann Fore has written a book called When A Woman Finds Her Voice.  She has so graciously invited me to read the book before it releases in October and be on her wonderful Launch Team.  

The reason this book is so important to the first stop on my journey is because I truly believe that to finally heal and learn how to deal with all the hurts, pains and situations that cause us to take a step back, that we encounter every day, you have to first find your voice.

In order for me to find my voice, I need help.  I need help from others like me, I need help from my family, I need help from Jesus, I need help from the Holy Spirit and, the most important, I need help from Jehovah, my forever Father.  Remember in my first blog post when I talked about how I would explain "all this and more" later?  Well, Jehovah, my forever Father, will be one of those situations explained later on and another stop on my journey.

I believe Jo Ann Fore's story and the stories of countless other brave women she shares with us in her book, whom have found their voices, will help me, will help me find my voice, will help me use my voice for Jehovah, will help me heal to the point of no longer being affected by my past.

The offer to be on the Launch Team for When a Woman Finds Her Voice came at just the right moment in my life.  Two days after I went through a really trying time, I received the email inviting me to participate in this amazing Launch Team.  That email will change my life, already has.

Please join me and these other beautiful women (by clicking the "Find Your Voice, Make a Difference" picture below) who are either finding their voices or using their voices for the sake of others.  We are all at different stages in this process and I believe we all have something to offer countless others who are in the exact same spot we are.

Jo Ann Fore

Have a blessed day!